Bauer is one of the most popular brands of hockey sticks, as well as other hockey gear. The company started in 1927 as a skate manufacturer. In 1994 Bauer was bought by Nike and rebranded “Nike/Bauer”. The brand remained this way until 2009 when Nike sold Bauer. In 2008, Bauer bought companies, Mission and Itech.

Bauer offers 3 lines of hockey sticks, Supreme, Vapor and Nexus. Bauer is the genius behind such sticks as the, Vapor X60, and the Supreme One90. Many players are endorsed by Bauer and you may notice their names on your sticks. Some players are, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Alex Ovechkin, Claude Giroux, and Steven Stamkos.

Check out more about Bauer’s lines below:


Bauer-Stick-Comparison (3)

Bauer-Stick-Comparison (2)

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