1. You guys seem to have more info than anyone out there so figured i would ask and see what you can come up with. Trying to match as close as possible the old Easton Stealth RS (Hall 4.5, 50 flex). My kiddo had the Jr version, loved how light it was and the curve. Since Easton is gone, trying to find the next closest thing. We sprung for the super high end Nexus last year and its still sitting in the garage or getting used sparingly at dryland. He continues to pull old reliable (the easton) out for practices and games.

    • I’m going to be honest, I’m not terribly familiar with Junior sticks. That being said, if it was a senior stick I would recommend a warrior low kick stick. I had a few teammates back then who switched from an RS (or any of the elliptical taper sticks) to a warrior (like the DT) and they really liked it. Warrior kind of nailed that super easy low kick which the RS had. It has a little different puck feel but shooting wise will feel similar. A Nexus is a mid kick point stick which will feel stiff and clunky in comparison. Have you kid try a Warrior stick like the QR and see if they like it. The flex and curve from the RS should be available in warrior. Feel free to email me with feedback

  2. How do I register. Receive password to read the Review on the Elevate Hockey stick? Only a couple of weeks left on this kickstarter and no one has any reviews available online to even see if this is worth supporting. ie. it is $300+ cdn for early bird kickstarter 😮

    • Thanks for checking out the site! There’s no registering! The password was just for testing purposes. I will make it open and available later tonight. One thing I will say is the XL27 is really neat stick.

  3. Im starting my first season of D league hockey, Im 26, 220lbs, and will most likely spend more time on my ass than handling the puck. With that said, I was wondering if a wood stick (for the price) is sufficient, or is using a composite really worth spending the extra money. I already own one, but im looking for a backup. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t recommend a wood stick. They are a dying breed so you might as well get used to composites. While yes they are more expensive, you will want that higher performing stick if your main stick should break. And they may last you longer than a wood stick

    • Excellent question! The P92M is an NHL feature where the heel and midsection of the blade is a little taller. The curve itself is identical. The thicker heel is good for winning face offs and deflections.

  4. have you heard of warrior #92 (W92) pattern / curve? I was on their website looking at custom sticks and I can’t find any information on that pattern that is listed as an option.

    • A Junior sized extension should fit. Make sure you use a heat gun. You should be able to get it and have them install it at your local hockey shop

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