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The Hockey Players Club is a subscription service where all your basic hockey needs are fulfilled.
Click here for a direct link to their site.

Order Process:
Using the Hockey Players Club was the absolute easiest experience I have ever had ordering online. How you order: You start by selecting “Join” and you get 3 options; 1 Roll (One Timer), 3 Rolls (Hat Trick) or 6 Rolls of tape (Extra Attacker). This is your basic package that will be sent to you every month or every other month. The Hockey Players Club is a subscription service so it always starts with the base package you select. It is also very easily be changed. I went with the “Hat Trick” Package or 3 rolls package. Then you move on to the tape selection where you choose the tape you want for your base package. They have a decent selection; White, Black, Clear, Wide White or Wide Black. You choose your 3 (or how ever many you chose), then move on to your extras. The extras they have are awesome! They have everything you could need; laces, wax, skate guards, even pre-workout! It’s not a long list, but it’s still a decent variety of products to choose from. I liked the small size because it wasn’t too overwhelming, unlike the “accessories’ sections of the major retailers sites. The prices were also clearly marked and competitively priced. The extras are then very easily added to your order with a few clicks. I added wax (highly recommended by someone at the Hockey Players Club) and a roll of Wide Black tape. Lastly, you enter your shipping and credit card info and you’re all set. It took me less than 3 minutes to place my order. To be honest I had browsed the site a bit before hand so I knew how the process worked, but anyone could place their order in under 5 minutes. Very simple and smooth!

The shipping was very fast! I ordered on a Thursday night and got it Monday. It comes in this cute little box that was perfectly packed with all my items. The wax comes in this little tin seen here, which is great if you’re the type to just toss things in your bag. They also threw in; stickers, a hockey card (props to them for giving me Scott Niedermayer) and a card on how to follow them on social media.

Inside the Box:
I ordered 1 roll of White tape, 1 roll of Black tape, 1 roll of the wide Black tape, 1 roll of shin pad tape, and a Tin of Wax [plus the goodies I mentioned earlier].

White, Black and Wide Black Tape:
These were all cloth tape so I will review them together. I could tell, even before using it, that this was quality tape. My brand of choice was always Renfrew, which I have been using since I started. Compared to Renfrew, the Hockey Player Club tape is much thicker and stronger. I liked the adhesive they used, it wasn’t too sticky and just the perfect amount of grip. I tape my blades from heel to toe and all the way past the toe and then cut off the excess. I found that with Renfrew, when I cut around the toe, the tape sometimes splits apart. which sucks because you have to re-tape the very end. When I used the Hockey Players Club tape, it didn’t split at all, it was a perfect edge. I taped a few different sticks and none split at all.

After using the tape, you can really see the quality. Normally I have a few cuts or holes in the tape after a game but there was barely any. Since the tape was thicker than I’m used to I used less of an overlap and it still held up great. I re-tape my blades before every game, but I don’t really have to with this tape.* I could have gotten another game or two out of it. I was really surprised by how well it held up. Its hard to judge when you have been using the same brand for many years, but this is definitely a good product. I was hesitant at first to switch but see myself grabbing this tape first before the other brands.

*I’m not saying that Renfrew tape can’t hold up to more than one use. I re-tape my blades regardless because that’s my personal preference. 

Shin Pad Tape:
The shin pad tape was the only part I didn’t love. I don’t think it was at the same high quality as the cloth tape but it was still pretty good. It was very stretchy which allowed me to get my shin pads really tight. Most other brands are much stiffer so they cant contour to the shape of your shin pads like the Hockey Players Club tape can. If you pull the tape very tight like I do, with stiffer tape it can dig into your leg and cut off circulation. Because the Hockey Players Club tape was so stretchy, I could pull it tight and it was fairly comfortable. However, the reason I didn’t love it is because every time I used it, it would rip. I use three wraps around the knee and three wraps by the shin. It didn’t effect me that much except I did notice that my shin pads loosened up a bit.  I had to take some points off for that, but it wasn’t bad. Many other company’s shin pad tape have the same problem.

I loved this wax!! Plain and simple. I have been exclusively using Howie’s Hockey Wax, but when speaking to someone at the Hockey Players Club they highly recommended that I give it a shot. It’s Piña Colada scented which smells really good. The advantage is if you have a bad shift, you can sit on the bench, close your eyes and smell your blade. It will take you to a nice warm beach instead of the cold ice where your team is down 10 goals. But in all seriousness, this wax is phenomenal! In the 5 games (with fresh tape and wax) I have used it, I have had zero snow buildup.  When I say zero, I mean zero. Usually there a little bit, at least slush but there was nothing. I think it also has to do with the quality of the tape. I used the tape on my goalie stick with no wax and there was very minimal snow buildup. For a full comparison, I used the wax on a stick with another brand of tape and there was almost no snow buildup. Just add this wax to your order, just do it! You will love it.

The Hockey Players Club is amazing! They have high quality products at reasonable prices and a super easy and convenient process. The staff they have is very friendly and very knowledgeable. I cant say enough good things about the Hockey Players Club. You never have to forget to buy tape or extras again! HPC takes care of everything. I have been using this tape for a month and I love it. Like I mentioned earlier, I see myself grabbing for their tape verses what I previously used. I’m a member of the club, so should you!


How to Join:

You can click the link here or click on their logo below to take you to the Hockey Players website and join.


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