How to Tape a Stick


Creating the perfect tape job will make you not only get a good grip on your stick but also make you more comfortable with your stick. There are many different combinations as you can see from above

Learn about the different types of tape here:

Taping your knob
Your knob or grip is where you see the most differences between players. Some like just a small loop on top, some like a big fat knob and some tape half way down the shaft. No knob is better than any other, it is personal preference to which is best for you.

The Basic Grip
To tape the basic grip you wrap a few layers around the end of the shaft. The more times you go around, the thicker it will be. Then tape down the shaft as far down as you like overlapping the tape.

The Finger Grip
The finger grip is very popular especially with younger players because you lock your fingers in tightly getting a great grip on your stick. You can see how to tape the finger grip bellow:

How I tape my knob:
I start by wrapping electrical tape 8 times around the top to give it just enough of a knob. The electrical tape is not as wide as normal hockey tape. Then I measure 2 hand lengths down and wrap foam pro wrap around a few times until it gets a little bulky, maybe 3 or 4 times. I wrap white hockey tape in 1 layer over the foam. Then I put 2 layers of grip tape on top. My reasoning for this tape job is that I get a little hard knob so I know where the end of the stick is. The electrical tape is thinner, maybe 3/4 of an inch so the knob isn’t that thick. The Foam and grip tape makes it feel sponge-y and very comfortable to hold.

Taping your blade
There are a few different ways to tape your blade. You can tape it “heel to toe” or “toe to heel”. Some players say that the way you tape it can effect your shot.

Taping your shaftt
Some players like to wrap tape down their shafts. This is known as the “candy cane” looks like a candy cane. The purpose is so that you get a little extra grip on your shaft. I found that the candy cane taping allows your bottom hand to slide freely while when you stop moving your hand for a shot you get a nice tight grip. Here is an example of what it looks like:

Phil Kessels stick

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