Marty St Louis Pro Stock Review

Stick: Marty St Louis Pro Stock
Curve: Marty St Louis Pro Stock Check it out here
Flex: 85 flex
Kick Point: Mid Kick-Point
Grip or Non Grip: Grip

First Impressions: Who doesn’t love Marty St Louis? Also, who doesn’t love a flashy yellow stick? I sure don’t! This stick isn’t a true Pro Stock because I got a righty one and Marty St Louis uses a lefty stick. However the stick is pretty sweet! It’s a grip stick but its a very light coating, not overly grip-y. Because of the yellow paint job, the shaft feels relatively smooth even with the grip. Its well balanced and well weighted (low 400 grams, maybe 440).

Review: This stick got me chirped so much but I loved it! I used the stick for the first time in a tournament in Lake Placid. Most of my curves are mid-mid heel and I was still getting used to this one. We were tied late in the 3rd with a powerplay and I got an easy tip in pass that I make 95% of the time. I wasn’t used to the curve so instead of my shot going high center net it hooked left a bit and I got robbed by the goalie.  Real bummer because we ended up loosing the game a few minutes later. Nevertheless, I love this stick. It was very sturdy; I took a bunch of slapshots with it. It felt similar to Warrior mid kicks I have used in the past.
Conclusion: Definitely try this stick if you get the opportunity. It has a great overall feel, sturdy, great puck feel and a little flashy.


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