The CCM RBZ replaced the U+ line of sticks. In the Fall of 2012 CCM released the RBZ stick with TaylorMade.

TaylorMade is a company who produces golf clubs. They partnered with CCM too see if they could get the
most pop out of a stick possible. They wanted to “strap a rocket to the puck”. What they created was a “Speed Channel” which added channels of material to give a little extra pop on shots. The purpose was to increase the C.O.R. or coefficient of restitution. “Basically, this is a trampoline effect of the amount of energy return at the point of impact.” It feels just like a golf club hitting a golf ball. See below for an image of the speed channel. The shaft of the RBZ also features a unique, custom flex profile. This means that wherever your bottom hand is, that is where the stick will flex.

In 2013 CCM and TaylorMade released an upgrade to the RBZ, called the RBZ Stage 2. With the Stage 2 they changed the shape of the speed channels now called the “freak channels”. They also greatly improved the shaft.

Speed pocket


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