The CCM Ribcor is one of the more unique sticks on the market. The Ribcor was Reebok’s last stick before they were re-branded as CCM. Reebok started designing some unique designs to try to help players get the best shot possible. They started with sticks like the Reebok 8.0.8 (seen here) which featured holes in the shaft for less drag, weight and increased stiffness. Reebok introduced the Ribcor to replace the 20K line featuring ribbing that extended half way up the shaft of the stick. The purpose was for stability and a spring to help you get a harder shot off. You can see the Reebok Ribbing here. In 2015 the Reebok Ribcor had been re-branded under the CCM brand name. Even though it had a new name, the CCM Ribcor is essentially the same as its Reebok cousin. you can see the CCM Ribcor here. In 2016 CCM released the CCM Ribcor Reckoner which features only a sole rib (more like a divot) in the shaft for the same purpose. The new Ribcor Reckoner has upgraded blade from the previous version for better puck feel. There is a picture below. 


CCM Reckoner

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