Sherwood Rekker EK15

Stick: Sherwood Rekker EK15
Curve: PP26 Stastny
Flex: 75 flex
Kick Point: Low Kick-Point
Grip or Non Grip: Grip

First Impressions: Holy Jumpin’ this stick is Light!! I don’t mean that lightly (pun intended). The EK15 is very noticeably light as soon as you pick it up. It really worried me because I didn’t think a stick that light would be durable. The walls are super thin. Other than that I think the stick feels great. Simple yet elegant graphics. Also the “Flex free zone” came in handy to keep the stick 75 flex.

Review: I noticed that I was getting on pucks in half the time because of this stick. I scored a goal off a rebound that, had I been using another stick, the goalie would have had time to get over. Because I had some extra speed I beat him. Its great for quick sweeping and poke checks as well as quick puck battles. You barely feel this in your hands while you’re skating. Its fairly well balanced and if you are anal in taping your stick to evenly weigh it, its just great. One negative thing is that I have the grip model which is super annoying! There is so much grip on this stick it just gets uncomfortable for me. It even gets dust and stuff stuck to it. Its like fly paper. Other than that, this stick is pretty sweet, it shoots well and is fairly well balanced at the low weight. So far durability hasn’t been an issue. I treat it like every other stick, hard slap shots, stick lifts, etc and its held up pretty well.

Conclusion: This is a great stick, especially for the price. Its lightweight, well balanced, and has a decent shot. Definitely try one out. I’d give it a 8 out of 10. I like a light stick but sometimes it makes me lazy and the grip is super annoying.

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