Stick Extensions

Need a longer stick? 

For you taller players out there, there’s an option for you! You can use whats known as a stick extension to add up to 12 inches. They are relatively easy to install with a heat gun and a glue stick. They can be cut to your perfect size. There are a few different types of extensions.

Edit 09/2022: I have been asked this questions a lot recently. What extension should I use for my intermediate stick? Good news friends! Senior extensions should fit into intermediate shafts.


Important Note: Adding length with lower the Lie and Flex of your stick.

Bauer Composite Plug

If you’re using a composite stick, a great option is a composite extension. They are made from the same materials as your stick so you are essentially just adding length. Because of the composite materials, it won’t change the feel of stick, and won’t add much weight. Like the stick, the extensions usually have open ends so you can also put back your end cap if that’s what you like. For best results you can use the same brand as your stick for a flawless feel. Bauer, for example, offers an extension for each of their lines.  They are offered by many of the major brands, (i.e Bauer, CCM, Eagle and True). They come in 4 and 6 inch lengths.

Warrior Also has a tapered version of the composite extension. The Tapered version is 6 inches long and has a much thinner shaft if that’s something you’d like. (seen bellow)



Stick extensions are also made out of wood. They offer a more “old school” feel for your top hand. It will most likely change the feel of your stick. Wood extenders are generally heavier and stiffer than the composite options. However, wood does have many advantages that composite cant match. You can customize your extensions, length, thickness or even shape. Take Martin St. Louis for example:

Martin St Louis

If you zoom in on the photo you see how his stick has a strange tapered shape to it. You can sand it down to whatever shape you like. Wood sticks come in 6-12 inch lenghts. There is also a curved option seen below.

Curve Extender

How to add an extension

Extensions are fairly easy to install. What you will need is a heat gun, a glue stick and a bucket of ice or cold water (or a sink works too). You can get the glue stick from your local hockey shop or an art supply store. I recommend the larger size stick that look like this. It helps to prevent over melting and burning your hands vs the smaller ones used in glue guns. I also recommend buying your own heat gun. They can be less than $20 USD at your local hardware store and can come in handy. Most pro shops also have heat guns if you want to let them do it for you.

To do it yourself, you start by heating up the glue and rubbing the melting glue on the extension pin (the part that goes inside the stick). Then you heat up the end of your stick as well as the extension pin. I recommend heating up a little farther down the shaft of your stick than the extension will go. (about 6 inches or so). This will help it glide in easier. Then your slide the pin into the shaft. If you heated it up properly is should slide in easy. Its totally okay for some glue to ooze out. You can also put some glue on the joint for a tighter seal. If you notice that your extension wobbles or you want to ensure a really tight fit you can wrap a strip of tape on the extension pin and cover it in glue before putting it in the shaft. Once your shaft and extension are combined, give it a few good taps on the end to make sure its tight. Then dunk the extension in the ice/water or run it under cold water. This will solidify the glue. Then trim off the glue that oozed out over the joint. Tape up and you’re ready to go! I recommend waiting at least a few hours between playing with a stick that you just added an extension to to ensure a good bond.


    • Your local shop may have them. Many online retailers have them in stock as well (Hockey Monkey, Ice Warehouse). You don’t need the exact “Bauer Supreme” model as they should all fit.

    • were you able to find an extension or a solution for a Bauer Intermediate stick? I can’t find an extension for an intermediate stick anywhere.

  1. Bought a wood extension labeled “SR”. Can I add this to an Intermediate stick without sanding/shaving it down?
    If I have to sand it down, how easily should it slide into the shaft before gluing?

    • It depends on the stick. Some intermediate sticks use smaller shafts. But you should be able to use it. They don’t make intermediate extensions so it should fit. When you put the extension in, make sure both pieces are very very hot which will let you slide in a piece a little larger. Use a heat gun not a hair dryer.

  2. I have a warrior covert qr edge that’s 60″ and I’m trying to add 4″ to it. Would you recommend a wood or a composite extension? I know warrior makes only a composite plug, wasn’t sure if I should get a standard or a tapered cause the shaft looks slim if composite is the way to go. Thank you and love your site!

    • I always prefer the composite extensions. They are lighter, especially since the QR edge is a pretty light stick. The wood extensions actually give a different feel to the stick. There’s no tapered extensions. The shafts are all relatively the same size on the top and most extensions are interchangeable. If your extension is too lose, add a strip or two of hockey tape and cover in glue before putting it back in.

    • Any senior extension should work. I’m a big fan of composite extensions, because it doesn’t add much weight. Each manufacturer has their own. Heres Bauers from Pure Hockey

      • Thanks… one more question does adding a extension change the flex and lie of the stick??? I’ve seen yes and no answers

  3. Hi,
    I have a wood extension I placed in a stick last year that I would like to remove and add a little longer one.
    Is that possible after the glue has been set for a year? Would I just heat it up, put it in a vice and try and pull it out?
    Any tipe you could give me would be greatly appreciated

    • You can absolutely change an extension. Heat up the top 6-8 inches of the shaft with a heat gun. You shouldn’t need a vice, if you heat it up correctly it should slide right out. While its still hot you can put the new extension in. If you need more glue you can use a stick of glue from a hot glue gun.

  4. Hey Stick Guru; 2 questions:
    1. I would rather buy a stick that fits my 6’5″ son. Does Bauer offer different lengths?
    2. If I were to add an extension, do you have a calculation on the length of extension to the change in lie? And along the same lines, the length of extension to the change in flex? Thanks!

    • 1) Bauer does not offer extended length sticks on retail sticks unless you get it custom. CCM and Warrior do offer longer shafts; usually 63 inches.
      2) I’m not too sure on how much the lie would change. There isn’t really a formula because lie’s aren’t necessarily the same across each brand.
      2a) The flex will go up or down (about) 3-5 points for every inch. When adding length, you wont really start to notice a difference until you get to
      at least 3 inches. Cutting a stick down will have a more major effect of the feel of the flex. Meaning, cutting 2 inches will make a 85 flex feel
      more like a 90-95.

  5. If I have a bauer and a warrior stick and i need to extend them both could I just buy two warrior extensions and would the warrior extension fit the bauer stick?

    • Yes, you should be able to to a Warrior extension on any brand of stick. If its too loose, pop it out and add a strip or two of tape on the extension and then add some glue to the outside before putting it back in.

    • Great question! You could probably get away 8 hours but 12-24 hours would be ideal. The longer you wait the better. Make sure you put the joint under cold water or in an ice bath.

    • Great question! It depends on how much length you’re adding. A good rule of thumb is to use at least 3 inches of the extension. If you’re adding less than 2 inches you should cut the stick first. So for example you want an extra inch, cut the stick down 2 inches and add a 3 inch extension.

  6. Hi, I put a wooden extension some time ago. It holds fine when its warmer but when Im on the ice and the temperature is like 5 degrees and less the extension kinda wobbles and its quite annoying… Any advice would be much appreciated!

    • Great question! So materials contract when it’s cold out so that would explain the looseness. I would take out the extension, add a strip or two of hockey tape around the end that goes inside and cover that in some hot glue and then put it back in the stick. That should solve your problem.

  7. Hi. Trying to find a solution for my tall (5’8″) and thin (110 lbs) daughter as she needs a longer stick, about 2-3 inches more. She uses an intermediate Warrior Covert QR Edge, 55 flex. The flex on any senior stick would be too high after I cut it, so thinking of an extension. Been searching around and can’t seem to find an “intermediate” extension except this Blue Sports one with a long screw that adds weight. Will a Senior Warrior taper extension fit her Warrior Intermediate sticks? Any insight would be much appreciated!

    • Yes most extensions will fit most sticks. As long as you use junior extensions for junior sticks and senior extensions for senior and intermediate sticks. If it’s too loose you can add a strip or two of hockey tape for a snug fit

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