Stick: STX Stallion HPR
Curve: X92
Flex: 100
Kick Point: Mid-Kick
Grip or Non Grip: Matte with Texture

A few months back we released an article on the RX3 from STX and how much we liked it, you can read that here. For those of you looking for a more traditional feel, STX hasn’t forgotten about you, their HPR line has you covered.


While the shaft is the standard square shape, they haven’t skipped on giving it some unique features. This mid-kick, 420 gram, stick has a balance point higher up the shaft making it feel less blade heavy than sticks of similar weight.

Another great feature is the matte with raised rubberized nubs that add grip in the places you need it. The shaft slides easily through the hands, but when you tighten your hand the rubberized texture locks your hand into place. It gives you a lot of confidence on hard slap shots and one timers.

Demo Program

One reason I think everyone should consider at least trying the HPR or the RX3 is the demo period. Any of their top of the line twigs you can have them ship to your door, tape it up, go play for two weeks, and then if you don’t like it; ship it back to them. Free shipping both ways and you get a full refund. If you manage to break the stick during the demo, it’s still covered under the 45 day warranty so the only reason not to do it, is not wanting to drop it back off at the post office.

Flexing a stick on the floor of your local hockey store tells you about as much about that stick as do the graphics they print on the side. In the really nice stores you can take a few shots on a shooting pad with no tape on the blade and standing in sneakers. It’s a solid option, but it’s not like actually playing a game or going to a stick & puck session with it.


STX sells direct, cutting the middle man out of the deal. I’m a bit conflicted about this, but I buy sticks online all the time so I probably shouldn’t get too high and mighty on my soap box. How much does it actually save you?

Let’s do a little comparison shopping:

For the same price of the HPR you could buy a midlevel stick of your choice from CCM or Bauer. The HPR is a top spec stick and is the better choice in this category hands down: weight, puck feel, build quality, etc all give the STX the edge.

The only way to get another high end stick in this price range is to go the clearance rack approach. You can get last year’s top model for around the same price as an HPR. With this approach you are likely going to need to compromise on the flex or pattern that you really want. I’m not all that picky, it has worked for me in the past, so I’m not knocking it. With STX though, pull up the website, key in the specs you want and they ship it to your house.

Final Thoughts

Want a top end stick that can put the power down for less money than anyone else? Pick up the HPR it’s honestly that simple. If you want to be daring and try something totally different, check out our article on the RX3 and order a demo, it’s literally free…

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