The Bauer Supreme Line is the oldest out of their current line of sticks. The One90 was the first and very popular among NHLers and the average player. The Modern Supreme’s offer an amplified mid kick point which really gives you great power. The Supreme line is usually preferred by players who take slap shots or those who lean into shots.
In 2012 Bauer revamped the TotalOne with the TotalOne NXG or (next generation). The NXG was lighter, and offered an even more amplified kick point, and some other minor upgrades. The next edition of the TotalOne, is the MX3 released in 2015. It has an upgraded blade core and a new eLastec resin which improves the durability which reducing weight without reducing strength. Early in 2016 Bauer released the 1S stick. The 1S also includes Bauer’s; Power Sense 2 blade core, eLASTech technology, lightweight TeXtreme construction, and tactile textures from the previous models. The 1S is seen bellow.

Bauer 1S

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