True Euro Pro Review

Stick: True Euro Pro Pro Stock
Curve: Gratton (mid curve similar to the TC2)
Flex: 75 flex
Kick Point: Mid Kick-Point
Grip or Non Grip: Non Grip Matte Finish

First Impressions: The stick had rounded corners which I wasn’t in love with but I have also never used it before. The stick was well balanced and a nice light weight to it. I really liked the blade finish, it has like a sandpaper type feel where as the shaft was a very smooth matte finish. I look forward to shooting with it. Also its a pretty sleek looking stick.

Review: This stick was fantastic! I absolutely loved it. The first thing I noticed was the weight and balance. It felt so natural in my hands and I was able to really have control over the stick. What I really liked was that while I was just skating around without the puck I almost forgot I was carrying a stick; it felt so natural. I think that is the mark of a great stick, where it really feels like an extension of yourself. It was a decent weight and not too heavy or too light. 420 Grams according to Hockey Monkey. Unlike a stick like the Sherwood Rekker EK15 which is you really notice the lack of weight. It also had some great puck feel. I always knew where the puck was and stick handling was great. I wouldn’t say its the best puck feel on the market but it was really nice. The curve was also solid. It’s a fairly basic curve, with a mid curve and an open face. I could put pucks exactly where I wanted them to go. I did notice that the blade did open up a bit when I tried to shoot high. It wasn’t major but a bit of movement with the toe of the blade. Unfortunately after 2 games the stick has a large crack in the shaft but it has not broken completely yet.

Conclusion: This stick was phenomenal, I liked everything about it. It was light, performed well, great puck feel. Just all around a great stick 9/10



    • I loved it too! The closest stick to it would be like an Easton RS but even thats not made anymore. The Euro Pro was a pretty unique stick

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