True is a relatively new-comer to the hockey stick market. They have been making Golf shafts for over 100 years. True used to contract shafts for some hockey brands like Bauer. They try to get the best performance you can get out of a stick. They spend a lot of time and money in their R & D so they may be higher priced than many competitors. Their brand is relatively popular with NHL players some of which are Nick Bjugstad, Zemgus Girgensons, Mathieu Perreault, Chris Stewart and Alex Tanguay. True has 2 lines, A line and the new XCore line. (The XCore seen bellow)

Fun fact about true: they make a curve called the JC which is an exact copy of Jaromir Jagr’s actual curve. I believe it is only sold by Pure Hockey stores. Here is a few pictures of the curve, from my local Pure Hockey store

True X-Core9

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  1. Do you have any links or photos of the JC curve? I went to pure hockey’s website and I did not see any mention of the JC curve on their site. I’d definitely like to check it out and possibly purchase one.

    • Hunter, thanks for the question. Luckily I went to Pure Hockey today and they had a few JC curves left. Here are a few pictures. Hope this helps!

      • Excellent! Thank you so much for the quick reply. Did you happen to see if they hand any righties available? Also, which Pure Hockey store did you go to? I do not live near one so I would have to order the stick online.

        • Hunter,

          Unfortunately they didn’t have any righties available at my store. We have a lot of right handed players where I live. I was in a Pure Hockey in NY. You should try calling them and see if they can help you track down one. Good luck!

  2. Hockeystickguru

    I got a question for you, maybe unique. I am a newer player and after a ton of money on sticks trying to find a good stick for a D man. Had been using the Warrior. Yakopov. In 85 Flex. But bought a True A5.2 Pro Stock. Coturier in 95 flex and it it’s the best a have felt and played with so far. But see that True doesn’t have his pattern. I ask same ? On another site and guy called me a lyer and a chump as couturier doesn’t use True he uses Easton. He said.
    What blade in True would be this blade in Left. I have pic if you like.

    • I am a little confused but I will try to help. Many players in the NHL change stick brands on a yearly basis, and sometimes even mid season. Now I don’t know a lot specifically about Sean Couturier but he is currently using a Warrior Covert QRL. He used to use Easton, as well as Bauer. I googled some images of him and saw him using all 3 brands. I have not seen him using a True. Like I said before, players do change curves quite a bit so it is possible that he did try a True stick for a short time and you were able to get one. Does it actually say “couturier” on the stick?
      And if I might ask where you got the stick from? The Warrior Yakapov curve (also known as the W28) is still available and is actually available in many brands. True also does have that curve, its called the TC4. Couturier also had a curve with his name with CCM but that doesn’t mean anything as the players names are arbitrary. If it is an actual pro stock, I may not be able to identify the curve as NHL players get pretty much anything they want, so you may not be able to match it. I hope this helps.

  3. Hey, I guess my last message didn’t go thru. But How do I add a Picture to show you. So you can maybe tell from what I’ve researched it looks like the Cammilerri or Duchene blades are close but dont know which true is closest. I have an Dynasty HD1 in W28 Yakupov which I havent used yet. But off the 6 Bauer’s 2 ccms and the All black I bought the TRUE 5.2 Couturier is hands down the best stick feel / performance for me, so I want to stay with that.

  4. Can you tell me if there is a stick that is the same as the Bjugstad True Pro Stock? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I love the stick/curve. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately there no way to tell you exactly what the Bjugstad True Pro stock actually is. Pro stocks are usually one of a kind

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