The Vapor line one of the most popular sticks and some of the most recognized. The X60 was one of the best sticks from the history of the line and was really a stick ahead of its time. In 2011 Bauer released the revolutionary APX stick. They revealed their Intelli-Sense Shot Technology which gives the stick a Dual kick-point or both a low and a mid-kick point depending on hand placement. They also revealed a new blade technology giving the APX some of the best puck feel. The APX was also the lightest stick on the market. In 2013 Bauer revamped the APX with the APX2. Similar to the APX, it had improved manufacturing, which let to stronger shafts and a longer life.
In 2015 Bauer released the completely new Vapor 1X. Unlike the APX and APX2, the 1X uses Bauer’s QRT or Quick Release Taper allowing for a very quick release.

The 1X is seen bellow:

Bauer 1X

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