Will My Composite Stick Deteriorate Over Time?

I received a really great question from an older player who wanted to get back in the game after 10 years and wanted to know if his sticks were still usable. This is a really excellent question that I’m sure many of you face. The short answer is, no, your sticks will not deteriorate over time. As long as you kept it properly stored, that 10 year composite stick will be the same as when you left it. While wood sticks are susceptible to the humidity or dryness, modern composite will remain pretty much the same. The only thing that would effect it is extreme heat or cold. Heat is the major enemy of composites and may cause problems with the resins in the stick. Causing it to lose structural integrity and increase the chance of a breakage. Even if its minor heat a long exposure can have the same problem. Cold or moisture can also cause a problem. If you put away your sticks, even with a small amount of moisture, it can fill in tiny cracks and again, you risk a breakage. The best way to store your sticks is in a dry room with normal room temperature.


Disclaimer: All brands and all sticks are not the same. I am not saying 100% your stick will work break free exactly as it did when it was new but it should still be usable.


  1. I did wonder about composits deteriating over time to , as I recently bought a load of a well known brand sticks from a shop that were still brand new , but about 5 yrs old model , and out of about 10 of them , four of them broke within two weeks and two more within 6 weeks

    • Wow thats horrible luck! I don’t know if it was necessarily the deterioration of the stuck or many other possible factors. Have you ever used that stick before? Was it a high end, or low end stick? Was it your normal flex, kick point?

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