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Although the current trend is to use composites, and 1-piece sticks, wood sticks are still very popular. They have been making wood sticks since the beginning of hockey and they probably wont stop making them anytime soon. Wood sticks offer a very unique feel that a composite just cant match. They have a very soft puck feel and are either very whippy or very stiff depending on the stick. Every wood stick is different because every piece of wood is different. I think it adds a bit of character to each stick. Most wood sticks can bought for under $40 (USD) which is great for beginners, players on a budget, players who want to try a variety of curves, or street hockey players.

Unfortunately many people have switched away from wood sticks. Composite sticks are lighter, offer a more consistant flex, and they last much longer. Composites are made up of very sturdy materials allowing it to take slashes and hacks while reducing breakages. However, composites can’t compete with the prices of wood; they can be up to 7 times more expensive! There is also nothing like shooting with a wood stick! The natural feel just feels comfortable. So if you like the price, don’t mind the weight and love that old school feel, wood sticks are the way to go!

The most popular wood sticks are the, Sherwood 5030 and Sherwood 9950. These 2 have been made for a very long time and are probably the best on the market. I believe they are still made in Canada out of Maple. Check them out! I personally like the Tac Compac 40, that I found at my local pro shop.


    • Thats a really old stick, You may not be able to find it. Have you tried eBay? If he likes wood I recommend the Sherwood 5030.

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