Easton was recently purchased by Bauer so the brand may be phased out fairly soon. Easton really got into the hockey market in 1990 by sponsoring “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky with an HXP 5100 aluminum hockey stick. Easton used its knowledge with making Baseball equipment to create an aluminum shaft for the hockey market. The Aluminum shaft boasted stiffness, strength, durability, and lightness verses wood sticks that were used at the time. They were eventually outlawed in the NHL for not being able to break.

Over the years Easton has created some of the best hockey sticks on the market. Some of which are the Z-bubble, Synergy line, SE, and Stealth lines. Many featured a unique elliptical taper which helps you get a very quick release. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Easton’s most recent years sticks have been sub-par when it comes to durability. Many players I have spoken with don’t have this problem, and Easton still retains sort of a cult following. One of Easton’s best models, the Stealth S19, still used by PK Subban was, at the time, the lightest and best performing sticks on the market and a personal favorite of mine. Their most recent (and possibly last) model the Stealth CX (seen bellow) boasts similar characteristics to the S19 and Stealth line while retaining its durability. We will see what happens to the Easton brand.

Stealth CX

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