Low Kick Point vs Mid Kick Point

If you haven’t read about kick points, check it out here

So you know the difference between a low kick point and a mid kick point but which one is the best? or which one is right for you?

Pros and Cons
Both the Low kick point and Mid kick point have their pros and cons. Low kick point sticks are used to get shots off quickly. They make it very easy to load your stick for maximum quickness but sacrifice power. That being said, just because its easier does not mean you cant get a hard shot with a low kick point stick. It is all in your skill and technique.

Many different brands make their low kick point sticks differently. Some brands use a very low and sturdy kick point (like Warriors and the Bauer 1X) which creates a slightly faster and controlled release vs a normal low kick point. Some brands use different shapes and designs to get that quick release. (Easton’s elliptical taper for example). Sometimes those “special” designs sacrifice durability for performance. Many use a standard low kick taper for their quick release.

Mid kick point sticks are meant for power. You can load up heavily on shots, or use all your body weight to get the hardest shot possible. These are great for bigger players, or players who really want to get the most power on their shot. However, mid kicks can take longer to load for that maximum power. With your normal flex rating you may find that you get the same speed on your wrist shots but you cant get them off as quick. As you get more skilled you may not notice much of a difference. For example, Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, has a terrific and lightning fast wrist and he has always used mid kick point sticks. Like the low kick point sticks, mid kick point sticks are all made differently. Many use a standard mid kick point whereas some use a softer style (like the Bauer Nexus). Sticks like the Nexus, are more of a weaker mid kick point which helps flex a stick a bit more easily. So if you are thinking of trying a mid kick stick but are afraid of loosing power try a softer one like the Nexus.

What About Custom Kick Points?
Custom kick point sticks are like the strange middle child. Some say that they feel like mid kick points where some say they have no kick point. Custom kick points either offer a large kick point area or a dual flex profile. The larger kick point area sticks will flex perfectly no matter where your bottom hand is. So its neither a low nor a mid kick point. As you use the stick it will loose its performance quicker than a normal kick point stick. A dual flex profile has a double kick point, meaning that it is both a mid and a low. Wherever your bottom hand is placed will determine the kick point. You may be thinking, “why don’t all sticks do this”? While it may be great for all areas of the game it isn’t good for just one. If you are the type of player who never takes slapshots you wont benefit from a stick that has the option if you need it. You’re better off using a low kick point which will only help you.

What Kind of Player Are You?
The choice of your kick point comes down to your preference. Do you prefer to get your shots off quick or hard? If you want to get your shots off fast, low kick point sticks are right for you. If you like to take one timers, shooting close in or quick wrist shots it will will only help to have a low kick point stick. I also recommend low kick points for beginners. Not only are they easier to load but you can feel more of the stick for proper flexing technique. Mid kick points tend to feel stiffer so for the weaker players it may feel stiffer. Are you the type who likes to take those big clappers? Do you put your body weight into your wrist shots? If so then Mid kicks are right for you. Mid kick can take a beating and give you tons of power. If neither of these are right for you, or you want the best of both worlds go with a custom kick point.



    • My son is just now y’all enough for an intermediate. Has had good success with both the STX Surgeon and the Bauer 2N . He’s a defenseman so more shots from high slot and blue line. Any advantage to switching to the Supreme? I believe it’s a high kick points

      • You are correct; it’s a mid kick point which would be better for getting harder slapshots from the blue line. Its all about comfort. Both are great sticks.

  1. is there a way to know what kick point i have on my stick? i need to replace it with something similar. it’s an old white and blue rbk 6k. it also says regular/40kp on it.

    • Unless its labelled on the stick you just kind of have to know what it is. If I remember correctly the Reebok K series was a “low kick point”. In my opinion it the K series felt higher than a traditional low kick. More like a low-mid. CCM bought reebok and the K line is now the RibCor line. So any stick in that line may feel similar to the K series like your 6K. keep in mind, there have been many technological advances so it wont be the same but similar.

  2. Hi there,
    This may sound like a silly question, but I would love to hear your response! I’ve always been a low kick guy (ribcor specifically) since all i mostly do are one timers and quick wrist shots from in close.
    One day, I decided to film my shots in slow motion with a wooden stick which had no specific kick point. After analyzing my shots, I noticed that when I flex my stick and compared it to a kick point chart from Bauer, it appeared as though the bend in the stick I created with my shots resembles as if it was a mid kick bend for broth wrist and slap shots – not as a low kick which I anticipated.
    Does the mean anything and should I perhaps switch to a nexus or jetspeed?

    • Tom, It is not a silly question at all! First off, I get in heated debates a lot on this topic. The Ribcor (specifically the Reebok ones) were low kick point but actually higher than typical low kick points. So it may feel a bit different. Not like a nexus per se but its only unique feel. That being said, if you’re really leaning into shots enough to make the bend out super clearly, the stick will bend in the middle. Regardless of the kick point. If you refer to the diagram above it’s still hard to tell. If a low kick stick only bent on the bottom the stick wouldn’t last too long; it needs the whole stick flexing for stability. So what this means is absolutely nothing. The kick point you use should be dependent on your comfort and type of shooter you are. For example, a mid kick stick will hold up to someone who uses their whole body into shots or takes a majority of slap shots. The stick is designed to hold up to the extra flexing in the middle. Thats not to say you cant be a player who takes a ton of slap shots with a low kick stick. I am one of them. Since the mid kick makes it easier to use the entire stick flex you can more power or a harder shot. Where as the low kick will spring back faster for a quicker release. If you’re curious, definitely try it out and play around with different kick points. I hope this helped clarify

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