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Here you will find my pattern database. It is a comparison of the most popular curves. You can find your favorite curve and see what the equivalent is in other brands and some pros and cons.

Don’t see the curve you’re looking for? Check out the Curve Comparison Chart for more.

For the sake of consistency, the names of the curves I used will be Bauer. Their equivalents in other brands are listed underneath

Bauer P88

P88 Kane

Actual Curve Shown: Pro Stock Bauer P88
Type of Curve: Deep Mid Curve with a neutral toe
Similar Curves: CCM/Reebok P40 “Hedman/Perron” (Formerly “P40 Hossa”) , Easton E36, Sherwood “PP88 LS”, Warrior W88 “Zetterberg”, True Temper “MC” and All Black “AB88”.
Pros: This curve is great for stick handling and for shooting. The depth allows you to “cup” the puck giving you great control while stick handling. It has a nice smooth curve allowing for great accuracy on shots as well as passes. The closed face allows you to keep pucks low and true.
Cons: Because of the depth of the curve it may be harder to lift the puck on your back hand. It may be hard to lift pucks when you are close in towards the net. If this is something you need you may want to check out the next curve (P92)
Conclusions: This curve is best for beginners and players who want accuracy. You can pretty much put the puck anywhere you want to. Both passing, shooting and stick handling are phenomenal.

Bauer P92

P92 Backstrom
**(Formerly P92 “Ovechkin”)**
Actual Curve Shown: Warrior “Kopitar”
Type of Curve: Mid-Toe
Equivalents: CCM P29 “Crosby (formerly “Nugent-Hopkins” or Reebok P87A “Crosby”), Easton E3 “Hall”, Sherwood PP26“Stastny”, Warrior W03 “Backstrom”, (formerly “Draper/Kopitar/Henrique”), True “TC2” and All Black “AB92”.
Pros: This is also known as the “Sakic” curve. Great for stick handling and sniping pucks top shelf. The deep mid curve allows for great stick handling like the P88 however it also over a very open toe for maximum lift. You can easily go top shelf in close. It is also great for the quick shots because you can lift it so quick and easily.
Cons: It may be a bit difficult to keep your shots down. As you can see from the picture the toe is really twisted back so you really have to work hard to keep shots down. You may find your passes skipping instead of gliding across the ice like you would with the P88. Alternatively, your backhand may suffer because you need to twist your wrists a lot further and quicker to get a good high back hand.
Conclusions: If you want high, top shelf shots consistently, this is the curve for you. Quick and easy shots as well as great stick handling.

Bauer PM9

Actual Curve Shown: Bauer PM9 “Stamkos
Type of Curve: Mid-Heel Curve
Equivalents: CCM C42 “Couturier” (Formerly Reebok P42 Duchene” CCM P45 “Tavares”), Easton E4 “Cammalleri”, Sherwood PP96 “Bouchard”, and Warrior W01“Lupol”, (formerly “Savard/Burrows/Zetterberg”), and All Black “AB7”.
Pros: This is one of the more popular curves. It features a relatively flat blade with a mid-heel curve. Great for passing and backhanding and catching passes with ease. Also great for deflections because of the relatively flat curve. If your shots take time you can really get a lot of speed off your blade.
Cons: Stick handling can get a bit challenging because the blade can’t “cup” the puck. For the same reason it may also effect the speed of your shot. It can also be hard to get lift because there’s no real curve to it. You have to use proper wrist motions to pick your corners.
Conclusions: This stick is great for centers or players who pass more than they shoot. Easy deflections and on target passing.

Bauer P91A

P91A Staal
Actual Curve Shown: Bauer P91A “Staal
Type of Curve: Heel Curve with a very open face
Equivalents: Easton “Parise/Drury”, Reebok P36A “Phaneuf”, Sherwood “PP20 DR”, Warrior  W05 “Granlund (formerly “Kovalev/Vanek/Weight”), True “HCR” and All Black “AB23”.
Pros: This curve has a very large open area, great for clearing and lifting pucks out of the zone. You can very easily lift pucks close in to the net. Generally used by defenseman or players who like to get into the dirty areas. The long, relatively straight allows for great control when picking pucks out from the corners.  It is also a great stick for deflections. Easy lifting and a straight curve allows for unmatched accuracy with deflections.
Cons: This curve is very open. This may have you shooting higher than you like to. There also isn’t much of a curve to it so there is a lot less spin to the puck than with more of a mid curve.
Conclusions: This curve is great for players who like to get dirty in front of the net or a defenseman who want a curve for easy clearing. Definitely not for beginners so know what you’re getting into with the P91A.

Bauer P28

Actual Curve Shown: Warrior W28
Type of Curve: Mid/Toe
Equivalents: Easton E28, Warrior W28 “Yakupov“, True TC3 & TC4,  and All Black “AB28”.
Pros: The P28 is one of the more widely used patterns in the NHL. This is perfect for players who love to use the toe of their blades. It is great for toe drags and shooting off the toe. The P28 is widely gaining popularity because of its stick-handling control and ease of going top shelf.
Cons: Like all large curves it may be harder to use the backhand of this curve. Many of you may find it hard to control your shots and keep the puck down on the ice.
Conclusions:  If you like toe dragging and going top shelf this is the curve for you.

Warrior W71

Actual Curve Shown: Warrior W71 “Pacioretty”
Type of Curve: Mid/Toe
Equivalents: Sherwood PP77 “Coffey”
Pros: The W71 a deeper slightly more toe based P88. This is perfect for players who grew up using “Banana Curves” like the Coffey. The W71 is great for passing, cradling the puck, and wrist shots. While the pattern is falling out of style, those who are used to it rarely switch.
Cons: Like all large curves it is not so great on the backhand.
Conclusions:  If you are looking for something a bit deeper than a P88 this for for you

Bauer P14


Actual Curve Shown:
Type of Curve: Toe
Equivalents: CCM P46, Warrior W14, and Sherwood PP14.

More to come soon!

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If you have any specific or personal questions about curve, shoot me an email and i’d be happy to answer you. 

What is your Favorite Curve?

P88 Kane
1975 Vote
P92 Ovechkin
2409 Vote
PM9 Stamkos
954 Vote
P91A Staal
515 Vote
P14 Toews
638 Vote
P106 Richards
341 Vote
P28 Giroux
1448 Vote
1011 Vote


    • Unfortunately the P106 is a rare curve and you may be only find it in Bauer. If you can find a Crosby pro stock that will be the closest. It is slightly similar to the P91A Stall curve. Have you checked that out?

    • I don’t have access to the pro stock curves. So unfortunately I have no way of knowing. The E9 curve was sadly discontinued, and there is not real replacement. You can check out some discontinued Easton curves here.

      I hope this helps

    • Great question! The CCM P19, and P29 are essentially the same. They are both mid-toe curves with only minor differences. Other than measuring them, or finding out the exact measurements its hard to tell the exact differences but its safe to say they are the same. With the acquisition of Reebok, CCM has been pretty confusing with their curves. The Warrior W03 is also pretty similar to both the P19 and P29. However, from my experience, the W03 curve has more of a wedge (or twist) in the curve verses the other equivalents. This means its more open than the other 2.

      Hope this answers it!

  1. I have a warrior stick with the W71 curve and we are switching to STX. I have the options of a x88 curve, x28 curve and a x92 curve. Which one would be the closest to what one I have now

    • Thats a really great question! The W71 is closest to the sherwood Coffeey curve which STX doesn’t make. The W71 is a combination of all three curves you mentioned. It has the depth of the X29, shape of X88 and shape of the X92. In my opinion, the W71 is a much deeper version of the X88 curve. So as seeing the X88 isn’t as deep, I think you will be most comfortable with that one. At last resort the X92 but it will be more open. The X28 has the depth but it has a much larger curve which I don’t think you would like.

    • Check out the P28! Pro tip, many manufacturers copy the numbering scheme of the others. P28 (Bauer), P28 (CCM), E28 (Easton), W28 (Warrior) are all pretty similar curves.

    • There is no “best curve” for quick release shots. The quick release will be better aided by a lower kick point shaft. That being said, there are different curves that are preferred for different types of quick shots. For example, Inside the circles (like Ovi), the Phil Kessel wrist shot (which I think you would prefer), lastly garbage goals (close in precision). There is a recent trend by younger NHL players to use the more dynamic, on the fly shots and quick release. (McDavid, Matthews) They generally prefer a toe curve so you can shoot only off the toe quickly and get easy lift. I would check out the P14, P28 or P92 (or another brand equivalent) and see if that fits your needs. While it may not improve your release it may help you get a quicker more precise shot. Hope this helps.

  2. I don’t live in the US and I need to get a few more sticks but Bauer, ccm, warrior and lots of others don’t ship outside of the us. I’ve been using the stx x9 curve and I was just wondering if some of the curves of smaller companies were similar to this?

    • Sorry for the delay in response! The X9 curve is similar to the Bauer PM9, CCM P15/P45 and Warrior W01. Hope this helps!

    • Yes, however it depends. The current model Bauer P28 Giroux curve is the closest match to the CCM P28 McDavid. There were older model Bauer sticks with Giroux’s name on it but they are not the same.

  3. Hi Getting a new stick for my 10 year old was looking at switching from a wariorr to true just not sure on the curve to get he is using the W03 at the moment but said he wants to change.

  4. I use the Sherwood 5030 PP10 LE. It’s an old-school stick, but I have tried to find other composite sticks to replace it and none of them are the same. Any ideas on a “modern” stick that approximates this classic?

    • You’re not going to find a composite stick that feels the same as a wood stick. They are a completely different feel. I also can’t really recommend a “modern” stick because it is your preference. I recommend going to your local shop and pick up some cheap composites and see what you like and go from there. Once you try some, shoot me and an email and I’ll help you hone in on one you may like.

    • The Sakic curve was probably the most popular curve ever. It was a mid-toe curve and is similar to the current Bauer P92 curve

  5. My son has a sher-wood rekker EK60 pp28. Having a lot of difficulty finding another. Can you recommend similar sticks. He particularly likes the blade pattern/toe/lie.

    • Thats what unfortunately happens when a new model comes out. Have you checked out the new Sherwood EK365? Its a major upgrade from that EX60. Sherwood sticks are pretty unique. However, that blade is offered in all the major manufacturers, usually with the number 28 as well. For example, Warrior is W28 and Bauer P28

    • The CCM P14 is more like the PM9 in Bauer. The P88/P40 is more mid curve where as the P14 is a mid-heel. Flat-ish curve but great for slapshots and stick handling.

  6. My son has a Pro Stock CCM Ultra Tacks; Leivo M 85 T E09427 V01 Stick. We are looking for a comparable replacement. He normally plays defense and is very happy with this stick. Can you recommend something close that would be similar? Thank you.

    • Unfortunately Pro stock sticks are one of a kind. Theres no real way to get a match. Even using another Ultra Tacks wont feel the same.

  7. My son just got a Graf 077 curve. He loves it but I worry about finding similar blade curves as this one is quite open.
    What other brands have a similar curve.
    I see they say Ovechkin but that does not look nearly as open. ( at least in the picture)

    • No offense to Graf but I’m not a huge fan of their sticks. From what I looked up the 077 is more like the old Coffey curve. Sherwood actually still makes that curve but it may be hard to find.

  8. HELP! My son loves his P45/Tavares. He has only had it a season (I found a new 2015).
    I seriously think I found him the last stick in the US! I don’t think he wants to give it up. He is a defenseman, shoots left, loves the square toe- locking the boards and digging in the corners, I could go on. He also needs his backhand. Unlikely to ever need to “go top shelf”. I saw his game dramatically improve using this stick. I think you probably know where I’m going with this, short of custom blades, what are my current/newer options? I need a reasonable replacement option. I don’t think he wants to go back to a round toe. He will need a few new sticks before the summer. I am getting desperate! Thanks a million.

    • I know that feeling! Unfortunately those square toe blades have gone extinct. Even goalie sticks are becoming rounded as well. You can easily match the curve but not the shape of the blade. If you really want to you could get custom blades but they are not cheap in the slightest.

  9. Three years and still no write-up on the P14 curve? I just started using it as a defenseman who played with a P88 for most of my life. I find that my shots are smoother with more power (wristers and clappers) and I prefer that trade-off vs the small downgrade in stickhandling/passing from the P88 which was nowhere near as bad as I had expected. Great curve!

    • I have yet to use this curve which is why I haven’t posted a review. None of my teammates or friends use it. Feel free to email me about it. I’d love to get some more info that will help out fellow players.

    • The TC4 and P28 are pretty similar. The TC 3 is a little more toe and little bigger of a curve than the P28. Similar to a Pro Ovechkin Curve.

    • I love the warrior w71, ie pachioretty curve, any suggestions on the next closest curve since warrior w71, ccm p46 and Sherwood pp14 never seem to be in stock?

  10. I stocked up on P38 ribcores when they got discontinued and have gotten them repaired locally but it seems that I’m finally on my last one. What would be the best equivalent curve with a low flex point. I grew up on the P88 and have tried to switch back but I think the face is too open snd I lose a lot of speed on my release along with power on my shot. I hate toe curves… I’m getting desperate, please help.

  11. I started off with a P92 however I found the curve to be a bit too much. I switched to a PM9 and love it. My stick handling and passing have improved so much. However, because there’s not much of a curve, it’s hard to lift the puck when taking shots. What curve would you recommend where I can get the puck to lift without compromising my stick handling too much?

    • I feel your pain. I also love the PM9 curve. You really need a heel curve with a closed toe. Since they are really sliming down the curve options its hard to get what you need. I would try a P88, which is a mid curve, but its great for stick handling and can help your lifting the puck because it has more of a curve.

  12. I currently use the vapor p28 and am going to buy new pair of sticks, as I’m in the UK what’s available is either the p92 or p88, what would be the best option for me coming from using a p28?

  13. My son has been using an STX surgeon RX3 direct from STX with the P88 curve. He broke two of them and is now using an STX surveon RX3 pro stock with the P92-1 curve. The blade of the pro stock sticks seems to be a lot more solid as the off the shelf sticks he has troubles with the toe chipping a lot. He’s a defenseman and wondered what you suggest as far as curve, P88 vs P92, and also pro stock vs off the shelf.

    • Pro stocks are up to the preference of the players who’s stick it is. Many players request stronger blades, stiffer blades, stronger hosels etc. So its hard to tell unless you know their exact specs. In terms of the toe chipping, you can put a strip of tape around the blade before you tape it up. That will help protect it a bit without losing any puck feel. The P88 vs P92 is up to his preference. They are both fine curves for defenseman. You might have a little more control with the P88

  14. Son uses a youth Bauer P01 pattern. Not being familiar with patterns, what is a good comparison to this in other brands? He has good stickhandling and control with this pattern but looking for something to help with the backhand and more control.

    • It depends. They are very different curves. Although they are both “mid” curves, the P29 is much more open so you may have a learning curve to keep your shots down. Just make sure you roll your wrist forward.

  15. Hi I’ve been looking for a new stick and am currently using the p30 “Parise” from CCM, and was wondering what do you think would be the best options? The issue is the stick I use is pretty expensive, so looking for some cheaper options as well.

  16. I’ve been using a p88 my whole life and whenever I get a new stick the old one becomes my road hockey. I haven’t bought a new stick in a while and my old hockey stick blade is a toothpick so gonna pick up a new one. I wanna try out the p92, but will it make a difference on pavement? I have good accuracy with my shot, sometimes goes a bit low, but generally pick the corners. The reason I wanna try a p92 is to improve my to drag since it has a larger curve.
    Also, if I get a Bauer, will it say Matthews on the shaft? I’m a leafs fan and I know they used to put the player name on the stick but not sure if they do that anymore.

    • Great question! A curve is a curve no matter what surface you play on. Where it comes into play is if you’re using a ball vs a puck. It’s easier to get under a ball than it is for a puck. I’m not sure what you mean by “drag”. If you mean toe dragging, it may actually make it a little harder to do with the P92. The P92 is a more open curve so the toe is curved away from you. You would have to roll your wrists further foreword vs the P88. You would want something more like a P28 which has a closed toe curve for cupping the puck and making toe drags easier. You would also look for a deeper curve vs a “larger one”. The P92 being only slightly larger but way more open may cause you to lose a little accuracy.

      Most companies still use names on the shaft, but they are completely arbitrary. The numbers don’t usually change so look for the number. If you’re interested, Auston Matthews uses a curve pretty close to the P92 and they have a few in stock at Pro Stock Hockey (not a sponsor).

  17. Dude– this was awesome info and a great read. Thank you!
    I was also here looking for info on P106– the very first question. my old, ‘most comfortable” sticks were lumber-Bauer 3030 Lindens with a P106 curve and about a 4 lie. I’m having some trouble finding my way into the composites… without breaking the bank. Harumph. 🙁

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like the site. So good news and bad news, the good news is there are ways to get the P106 curve. On Bauers website you can order a retail custom stick with that curve, or pro custom where you can customize other things, not just the curve. The bad news is that its only offered in the highest end models so you’re looking at around $300. You can also check out some retailers like sideline swap for some cheaper options. Good luck!

  18. I loved the P40, but have switched to the P88 as the P40 is no longer available. I am interested in the Warrior W16 as it seems similar to the P40 with a more square toe. Any experience with the W16 or a curve comparison?

    • Yes I do have experience with the W16. The toe is square which is nice but the curve has a lot of “bend” to it vs the nice mr slope of the P40 or the P88. Which I personally find annoying but to each their own.

  19. Was the Warrior W71 curve discontinued? I love that curve, but I’m down to my last few sticks. I went to buy more, but I can’t find it. If that is gone, then what is the next closest thing? Thanks!

    • Yes they did discontinue it. Many of the brands drastically shrunk their curves. The closest would probably be a Bauer P14 which was also discontinued. The CCM P46 was close and you may have better luck finding that one, but it was also discontinued.

  20. I’ve used the p88 curve since I started hockey 3 years ago. I find it really hard to shoot the puck high when I need to (I’m a forward), but my backhands have been pretty good. I’ve been told to try out the p28 curve and I worry about the transition for backhands and how easy it is to shoot the puck over the net. Also have heard that p92 is good to try out to. I have to get a new stick soon and I have to decide. Would you recommend stick with the p88 or get p28/p92?

    • I would stick with the P88 if you’re comfortable. The P28 is also a closed curve so the transition from P88 would be smoother if you wanted to try it. The P92 is more open, but flatter at the front. Backhands may be easier but you may struggle with controlling your elevation. Hope this helps

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