Types of Tape

What are the different types of tapes?
There are many different types of tape out there to choose from. Some of them are:

Hockey Tape
hockey tape
Hockey tape is the most common of all tape and comes in a variety of colors. You can find hockey tape in every pro shop, ice rink, hockey store and most sporting good stores. There are many brands which come in different qualities and thicknesses. It is made of a cloth which can be used on any part of the hockey stick; most commonly the grip (knob) and the blade. There are 2 widths, 1 inch and 1.5 inches (1.5 inch is also known as goalie tape) seen below:
goalie tape


Grip Tape

Grip tape
Grip tape, or more commonly used as surgical tape. It can be used on your knob to add extra grip and prolong the life of your gloves. Grip tape is very popular with NHL players. It also has a soft and spongy feel to it.

Polyurethane tape (shin pad tape)
Shin tape
Polyurethane tape or “poly tape” or more commonly known as shin pad tape. It isn’t used too much on hockey sticks but can be used to add depth to your knob and protection against chips. I use a strip of colored poly tape on the hack zone of the bottom of my shaft so protect it from chipping and shaft damage. Although the most common is clear, Poly tape comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the right color to match your stick or socks.

Friction Tape
Friction Tape
Friction tape is very sticky and can be used on either the blade or grip of your stick. It is used for extra grip while stick handling. Friction tape isn’t too popular.

Electrical tape
electrical tape
Electrical tape is similar to polyurethane tape but much thinner and more flexible. It can be used similar to poly tape. Electrical tape usually only comes in black and white. You can use it to tape the very top of your knob because its not as wide as the 1 inch tape and it is slightly harder than using regular tape for a sturdy pronounced knob.

Pro-wrap is normally used on the body to tape up joints (like wrists and ankles) to provide comfort while still giving the ability to have mobility. You can use pro-wrap underneath your grip to make it thicker with out adding weight. It also gives the grip a sponge-y feel.

Pre-made rubber grips
tacki mac
Last but not least are pre-made rubber grips. They look like real tape but are made from rubber. There are a few different brands and come in different grip styles. You can get it with a “rope” or finger slots, regular, a sandpaper feel, big knobs, small knobs, shorter ones and others. Some of the brands are Buttendz and Tacki-Mac. They are simple to install, save you from constantly taping your sticks and are much better for your gloves. They also have rubber options for your blades as well. They are great alternatives to regular cloth tape and really save you money.
Notable players who use Tacki-Mac’s are, Patrick Kane and Sidney Crosby.
Notable players who use Buttendz are, Brandon Prust, Jeff Petry, and Bryce Salvador.

If you would like to check out more about Buttendz and my review check it out here.

Honorable Mention

Duct Tape

Duct tape







I have seen a few beer leaguers using duct tape to tape their knob. I personally do not recommend using duct tape because the strong adhesive can ruin your gloves and generally duct tape is very slippery. I recommend sticking with a tape from the above list.

I’m sure there are other options out there but these are the most popular. You may also use combinations of different tapes. I recommend starting with regular hockey tape.

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  1. Friction tape for the blade and hockey tape for the knob is my preference, I have my own technique for the knob, just two of my current teammates have seen it before, one asked me to tape his stick amd he loves it… ?

  2. There seems to be an issue with incongruent nomenclature. What you call “grip tape” here isn’t sold as “grip tape” online. If I search for “grip tape” on Amazon, all I get is adhesive sand paper. How do I search for and find these products you’re referring to? (In particular, the soft spongy grip tape for sports handles). Thanks!

    • If you just add “hockey” it should come right up. I searched on Amazon for “hockey grip tape” and it was there. Its technically called “grip tape” but there are many different applications. Pro tip: you can also use medical self adherent tape instead. It’s pretty much the same tape and a little cheaper.

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