What are hockey sticks made of? – Flex Hockey

Hockey can be an expensive sport and two brothers from Pittsburgh were tired of paying big bucks to replace sticks that while still physically intact were stressed out with little to no pop left after a few months of hard use. They did their homework and realized that the blade cores that provide the best puck feel and pop slowly start to breakdown overtime. The alternative core options just weren’t up to their standards, lacked puck feel, and that satisfying pop that good sticks have. Instead of reinventing the stick they decided to keep the better blades and solve the problem from another angle… the cost.

Several manufacturers and more than a dozen sticks later they found the right combination of weight, shaft, core, and most importantly price. While we haven’t used the sticks personally there is quite a bit of local buzz around the black and yellow twigs the brothers are selling.

What we are most excited about is that they are sharing some of their research with the world instead of keeping it to themselves. In the article we are going to link below, they talk about the different components that go into making a hockey stick, what features matter, and links to some the articles that inspired their findings.

Want to read a great little article on what sticks are made of? Click here

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